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Aesop's Eagle    
Arithmetical Puzzle.    
Bargain Counter Puzzle    
A Bicycle Mishap    
The Bottle Problem    
Candy Puzzle    
The Cashier's Problem    
The Cat and Dog Race    
Cats and Kittens Puzzle    
The Centennial Problem    
The Chinese Cash Puzzle    
The Christmas Turkey    
Convention Puzzle    
A Corner in Wheat    
Couldn't Tell a Lie    
Counting the Coins    
A Curious Calculation.    
Dollars and Sense Puzzle.    
Domestic Complications.    
The Dutchmen and Their Wives    
Election Puzzle    
False Weights    
The Famous Hot Cross Bun Puzzle    
The Ferry Boat Problem    
The Florist Puzzle    
The Frankfurter Problem    
Free Acres    
Fun at Sing Sing.    
The General Store Puzzle.    
The Golf Puzzle    
The Grandfather's Problem    
The Herd of Camels    
Hill Puzzle    
The Hounds and the Hare    
How Old Was Mary?    
The Inspectors Problem    
Laundry Puzzle    
The Lost Cent.    
The Man with the Hoe    
The Missing Number    
Missing Numbers Puzzle    
Mixed Teas    
Mother's Jam Puzzle    
Multiplication and Addition    
Newsboys's Puzzle    
Our Prize Time Puzzle    
The Pasture Field    
Pensioner's Puzzle    
The Potato Race    
Pounds, Shillings and Pence Mixed With Dollars and Sense.    
A Problem in Diamonds and Rubies    
Problems of History    
A Puzzle in Oil and Vinegar    
Puzzle of Biddy's Age    
Puzzle of Casey's Cow    
Puzzle of Little Bo-Peep    
Puzzle of the Twins    
A Puzzling Mixture    
Puzzling Scales    
A Question of Time    
Racing Puzzle    
Real Estate Puzzle    
A Remarkable Cut Price Puzzle.    
Sam Loyd's Puzzle    
Smith's Age Puzzle    
The Squarest Game on the Beach!    
Squaring Accounts    
The St. Patricks Day Parade    
The Story of the Fish    
The Story of “Butcher Boy”    
A Study in Division.    
Susie and the Shopman    
A Teeter Puzzle    
Tell Mother's Age    
The Time Problem    
A Tricky Problem.    
Weary Willie and Tired Tim Puzzle    
The Weight of a Brick