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The "Noughty Riddle"    
A. B. C. Tea Party    
Anagram Puzzle.    
Animals Enigmatically Expressed.    
Bixby's Blunder    
The Chinee Donation Puzzle    
Evolution Puzzle    
A Grammatical Puzzle    
How They Made Love in Puzzledom.    
The Kangaroo Puzzle    
The Little Brown Jug    
A Merry Christmas    
Missing Words.    
Missing-Word Anagram.    
Missing-Word Puzzle.    
New Year's Resolution Puzzle    
The Philanthropist    
Poetical Decapitations.    
A Poetical Perplexity.    
A Puzzle    
Puzzle of the Dewey Pillow    
Puzzle of the Iceman    
Puzzleland Patch Quilt    
Some Evolution Puzzles.    
A Square Word Charade    
A Square Word Puzzle.