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Title     Page
Ancient Egyptian Puzzle     121
Ancient Order of the Iron Cross     96
A Battle Royal     97
The Cheese Problem     34
Cross and Crescent     73
The Darktown Patch Quilt Puzzle     65
Easter 1903     46
The Great Horse Show Prize Puzzle     177
The Greek Cross.     58
The Guido Mosaics Puzzle     98
The Hindoo Flower Trick     32
How to Make Diamonds     117
Jack and the Box Puzzle     107
The Joiner's Problem     152
The Monad Puzzle     26
The Moon Problem     144
Mrs. Pythagoras' Puzzle     66
The Mystery of the Boarding House Pie     18
Passing the Japanese Mines.     34
The Patch Quilt Puzzle     39
Peterchen's Pretzel     37
The Pony Puzzle     17
The Red Cross Lassie Puzzle     157
Red Cross Volunteers     199
The Royal Road to Mathematics     60
Secret of the Sphinx     118
The Smart Alec Puzzle     27
A Square Deal Puzzle     143
The Swastica Sign     46
A Swiss Puzzle     14
What Happened?     23