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PROPOSITION: Commencing at some certain letter, discover a connected sequence of the twenty- four letters which will reveal an appropriate motto.

READING PUZZLES, similar to another one called the Dewey pillow puzzle proved to be so popular with our young folks that I will take occasion to describe another of Harry's achievements upon similar lines. Of course Harry and his sister loved the poor heathen Chinee, and cheerfully broke open their money boxes to contribute to the mission fund when their father said they must. But Harry did not enthuse a little bit when himself and sister were delegated to take charge of a donation box at the mission fair and got tired of telling every one it was to provide fire crackers for little pagans who had no Fourth of July. He printed some donation puzzle cards, as he called them, with the names of Ah Foo, Syn Hop and other noted Chinese names worked in, as shown in the sketch, and sold them for a dime each, telling every one that there was a motto to be discovered by a continuous sequence to the twenty-four letters and that, every one might have his money back if the motto did not prove to be appropriate and pointed.

It is an ingenious and clever puzzle, which goes far to prove that Harry had studied the foreign Chinese mission question very profoundly for one of his years.

Harry‘s donation motto says, “a fool and his money soon part.”


Here is a simple little picture puzzle for the young folks which shows two jardinieres of rare exotics, one of which has been overturned by a mischievous little bunny. The puzzle is to cut out one of the jardinieres on the dotted lines and replace it so as to show the position of the mischievous rabbit.


Here is the way we discovered the mischievous little white bunny which overturned one of the jardinieres of rare exotics. You can see the cause of the catastrophe in the center between the two vases nibbling at the leaf.


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