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Proposition: Make a square out of an irregular hexagon.

THIS PUZZLE ILLUSTRATES the old story of Jack the Clown, who lived in a square box. As the box is not square in this case he must make it so by cutting it out with a pair of scissors, then cutting it into two pieces which will fit together so as to form a square piece of paper. Take the outside line of the box, which represents a rectangular figure with two corners clipped so as to form an irregular hexagon, and cut it into two pieces, which will fit together and form a perfect square.

The following illustrations show how to cut the box into two pieces which will fit together and form a perfect square. Cut on the dotted lines, as shown in Figure 1, and the pieces will fit together to form a square, as shown in Figure 2.



How could you say in two letters that you are twice as big as me? I W.

What is an old lady in the middle of a lake like? She is like to be drowned.

When is love deformed? When it's all on one side.

Why is a flirt like an india-rubber ball ? Because she's empty, but full of bounce.

What is the difference between a butcher and a flirt? One kills to dress, the other dresses to kill.

My first is the cause of my second, and my whole ought never to be broken, though unless it be holy, and be kept so, you can't keep it at all? Sunday.

Why is a field of grass like a person older than yourself? Because it's past-you-age (pasturage).

Spell enemy in three letters. No, it's not N M E; you're wrong; try again; it's F O E.

How can you tell a girl of the name of Ellen that she is everything that is delightful in eight letters? U-r-a-bu-t-l-n [You are a beauty Ellen].

Why Is the letter P like a Roman Emperor? Because it's Nero (near O).

Why is the lette D like a squalling child? Because it makes ma mad.

What thing is that which is lengthened by being cut at both ends? A ditch.

Why is a very pretty, well-made fashionable girl like a thrifty housekeeper? Because she makes a great bustle about a small waist.

Why are sentries like day and night? Because when one comes the other goes.

When does the eagle turn carpenter? When he soars (saws) across the woods—and plains.

What do ladies look for when they go to church? The Sams (psalms) and hims (hymns).

What part of speech is kissing? A conjunction.

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