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PROPOSITION—How much does he baby weigh if the mother weights 100 pounds more than the combined weight of the baby and dog and the dog weighs 60 per cent less than the baby.

MRS. O’TOOLE, WHO is of an economical turn of mind, wishes to ascertain the weight of the baby, but recalling the children's trick of getting on the scales one at a time so as to get the whole party weighed for one cent, decides to ascertain her own weight as well as that of the dog. She found that, she weighed 100 pounds more than the combined weight of the dog and the baby, and that the dog weighs 60 per cent, less than the baby. Our puzzlists are asked to assist the good lady in determining the weight of the little cherub which she contemplates entering in one of the popular prize baby competitions.

In weighing the baby the scales show their combined weight to be 170 pounds, and as Mrs. O’Toole weighed 100 pounds more than the combined weight of the dog and baby, she must have weighed exactly 135 pounds. As the dog weighed 60 per cent, less than the baby, we can readily see that the baby weighs 25 pounds and the dog but 10 pounds. All of which is very simple when you know it.


It was the poet Saxe who asked: !FlatVerse Can you tell me why A hypocrite’s eye Can better descry Than you can, Or I Upon how many toes A pussy-cat goes? To which the clever answer is: A man of deceit Can best counterfeit; So, as everything goes, He can best count her toes! !


How many sides has a pitcher? Two, inside and outside.

What is that which no one wishes to have, yet no one wishes to lose? A bald head.

What is the difference between a young maiden of sixteen, and an old maid of sixty? One is happy and careless, the other cappy and hairless.

Who was the fastest runner in the world Adam. How so? Because he was first in the human race.

What, one word will name the common parent of both beast and man? A-dam.

Take away one letter from me, and I murder; take away two and I probably shall die, if my whole does not save me? Skill—kill—ill.

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