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PROPOSITION—How long a chase has the turkey led Jolly Old Santa Claus?

HERE IS A PRETTY puzzle for the juveniles which affords considerable scope for ingenuity and cleverness. This Turkey Gobbler has led “jolly old Santa Claus” a merry chase around the field, as shown by the tracks in the snow, before he was caught. You can see that they entered from the right side and did some lively circling before arriving at their present position, where the gobbler seems to be upon the point of surrendering. Our young folks are asked to study the situation carefully and to tell just how many times Santa Claus must have turned completely around, during the chase, before pouncing upon the Turkey?

Santa Claus started off with his left foot to chase that turkey and if you follow in his tracks in the snow counting left foot, right foot, etc., you will find he has gained one step somewhere. This can only be done by going round the first circle twice, so he has made four complete turns to arrive at his present position!


In every hedge my second is,

     As well on every tree,

And when the school-boy acts amiss,

     It often is his fee.

My first likewise is always wicked,

     Although it does no sin,

My total for my first is fitted,

     Is made of brass or tin.

Cipher Ans. 3, 1, 14, 4, 12, 5, 19, 20, 9, 3, 11.



Why are stout gentlemen subject to melancholy? Because they are men of size (sighs).

When is a candle in a passion? When it is put out or flares up.

Why is a talkative young man like a young pig? Because, if he lives, he is likely to become a great bore (boar).

Why are laundresses good navigators? Because they are always crossing the line and going from pole to pole.

What is the difference between a tube and a foolish Dutchman? One is a hollow cylinder and the other a silly Hollander.

What is the difference between a good soldier and a fashionable young lady? One faces the powder and the other powders the face.

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