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Occasion is taken to tell how a member of the recent expedition to the north pole attempted to capture a bride after the custom of the upper arctic circles. Every one sleeps in a bearskin sack up there, so when an elopement is planned the love-sick swain just creeps in and steals a sack with its valuable contents and bears it off to his home. In this case the lover had quite a distance to journey, but calculated that he could go there at the rate of 5 miles per hour and return with his burden at the rate of 3 miles per hour. He carried out the program on schedule time, making the tour in just seven hours, but when he opened the sack to show the prize to his shipmates he found that he had run off with the girl’s grandfather! The story has been so greatly exaggerated that it is claimed that he must have gone from Petermann’s Point to Franz Josef’s Land, and thence chased by the grandfather to several degrees beyond the parallel reached by Dr. Nansen in 1895. Will our experts assist in figuring out just how far he travelled on this memorable journey.


Transpose a portion of the year,
A Christian name will then appear;
The same, transposed again will show
A plant that does in India grow.

May, Amy, Yam.


How do you define a ring? As a hole with a rim around it.

What did Adam and Eve do when they were expelled from Eden? They “raised Cain.”

What town is most frequently drawn? Cork.

What kind of a receptacle is that which is always asking permission to move? Can-I-store.

What would you advise a person to do who had some money and a buggy-top? Buy a fine tooth-comb.

What part of a fish weighs most? The scales.


When yon fine vessel on the ocean speeds,

     Unto my first the watchful tar's attending;

And yet my second oft employs his thoughts,

     When at my whole his powerful form is bending.

Cipher Ans. 23, 9, 14, 4, 12, 1, 19, 19.



Why is a pen like a perverse child? Because it never does right (write) of itself.

Why is a horse like the letter O? Because g makes it go.

When is a boat like a snow bank? When it is adrift.

Which animal requires the most baggage, and which two the least? The elephant takes his trunk, the fox and cock only a brush and comb.

What relation is that child to its father who is not its father's own son? His daughter.

Why is the boy that disturbs a beehive like a true Christian? He is an anxious bee-leaver.

Why are two heads better than one? Because they are fore-sighted.

Why is a cart-horse always in the wrong place? Because you have put the cart before the horse.

What has many leaves but no stem? A book

What two letters make a prophet? C R (seer).

Why is a black woman like a door-way? Because she is an egress (a negress).

Why do cabmen prefer tall ladies to short ones? Because the higher the fare (fair) the better they like it.

Why is a newly-married couple like a pair of sugar tongs? Because they are two spoons joined.

Which is better, getting the girl, or your choice or half a loaf of bread? Half a loaf of bread; as nothing earthly can be better than getting her you love, and we know that half a loaf of bread is much better than nothing.

Spell one word with the letters: In magic tale. Enigmatically.


My first, gentle lady, you give to the youth,

     Who now breathes the fond wish of his soul;

Whom with ardent affection, and honor and truth,

     You perceive is indeed in my whole.

In my snug little second, secure from the storm,

     We the the helpless and innocent find;

And my whole when a contract or bargain you form,

     You should give, the agreement to bind.

Cipher Ans. 5, 1, 18, 14, 5, 19, 20.



14. A friend, named Dorcas, owned a red raven named Jehoshaphat.
15. I sailed past Africa, Oceanica I rounded, and came to America.
16. Adam, as customary in Paradise, snubbed Eve.
17. A good nap lessens the length of the day.
18. Napoleon begins as a cornet, ends as a falling star.
19. Said Henrietta “Unto no man give I my heart.”
20. I bet he loses the race.
21. France may not bear this rebuff a long time.
22. Is there a railroad over the top of Mount Washington?
23. If we drink too freely of the cask, age racks us with pain.
24. Tell King William to send some officer of rank for the answer of Jules Favre.
25. The ravings of the mob I leave to your imagination.
26. To get gold to par is the Secretary's prime object.
27. I saw a little maiden very gayly clad,
28. The Harvard Base Ball Club is composed of nine vehement strikers.
29. Rent on Cornhill is low, but rent on State street is high.
30. She was so fond of beer, she baked her pancakes in it.
31. Which do you like best, fricasseed frog, or ham and eggs?
32. In the days of Queen Elizabeth, Lehens & Co. were jewelers in London.
33. The artist should work with art for duty, not pleasure.


Spell one word with the letters: Tis no demon’s art. (Demonstration.)

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