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Proposition: Can you mark off exactly 50 points?

My chum and I were taking in the side shows the other day, when we struck what the man told us was the squarest game in the world. There were ten little dummies which you were to knock over with base balls. The man said take as many throws as you like at a cent a piece and stand as close as you please. Add up the numbers on all the men that you knock out and when the sum amounts to exactly 50, neither more nor less, you get a genuine Maggie Cline cigar with a gold band, worth a quarter.

Our money gave out before we learned how to win. And we noticed that lots of people didn't smoke any more Maggie Cline's than we did. The man who run the business said he didn't mind telling us that people let their prejudices ruin their chances. An Irishman would always soak the coon, while the darkies had it in for that Chinaman, and as a matter of fact every one had their race prejudices which kept them from winning.

Can you show how we might have made exactly 50 points, and won a Maggie Cline cigar with a gold band around it?

In the square game mark off 25, 6 and 19=50.

2. Puzzle of the Iceman

Every blank is to be filled with a word ending in i-c-e.

At the time of the summer ________, the iceman, whom no one should accuse of ________ or ________, put up a ________ at an ________in his ________, put the effect that with ________ toward none he would give good ________ to all, without ________ or ________.

Accordingly, he supplied the politician with ________, the lawyer with ________, the doctor with a ________, the judge with ________, the builder with a ________ and a ________, the gambler and his ________ in their den of ________ with ________, the bridal party with ________, the clergyman with a ________, the cat with ________, the drinker with ________, the geologist with ________, the woodman with a ________, the sailor with a ________, the dentist with a ________, the dressmaker with a ________, and no one with the ________.

But in spite of all his efforts to supply ice to ________, some people objected so strongly to his ________, that they applied to the ________ for ________ regarding a ________, by which they might either push him into a ________ or over a ________!

In the Iceman puzzle the words are: Solstice, avarice, or artifice, notice, office, edifice, malice, service, choice or prejudice, office, practice, poultice, justice, cornice, lattice, accomplice, vice, dice, rice, surplice, mice, juice, pumice, coppice, splice, dentifrice, bodice, price, suffice, caprice, police, advice, device, crevice, and precipice.

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