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In this odd little puzzle, which is a simple but instructive one, Mrs. Wiggs is explaining to Lovey Mary that she has a larger square cabbage patch now than she had last year, and will therefore have 211 more cabbages.

How many of our mathematical experts and agriculturists can estimate upon Mrs. Wigg’s crop of cabbage heads so as to get a line upon the Sauerkraut Trust?

In regard to the crop of cabbage heads Mrs. Wiggs takes occasion to explain that by dividing the increase 211 as nearly as possible in halves, the squares of those two sums will show the relative dimensions of the two patches, namely, 105x105 gives 11,025 as last year’s crop, and 106x106 equals 11,236 as this year’s crop, with an increase of 211 cabbage heads.


On the casement pane the wind beat high,
Never a star was in the sky;
All Kenneth Hold was wrapt in gloom,
And Sir Evererd slept in a haunted room.
I sat and sang beside his bed;
Never a single word I said,
Yet did I scare his slumber;
And a fitful light on his eye full glistened.
And his cheek grew pale as he lay and listened,
For he thought and he dreamed that the fiends and jays
Were reckoning o’er his fleeting days,
And telling out their number. Was it my second’s ceaseless tone?
On whose small hand he laid his own”
The hand which trembled in his grasp,
Was crushed by his convulsive clasp.
Sir Everard did not fear my first,
He had seen it in shapes that men deem worst,
In many a field and flood;
Yet, in the darkness of his dread,
His tongue was parched”his reason fled;
And he watched, as the lamp burned low and dim,
To see some phantom, great and grim,
Come dabbled o’er with blood. Sir Everard kneeled, and strove to pray,
He prayed for the light of early day,
Till terror checked his prayer; And ever I muttered clear and well,
“Click, click,” like a tolling bell.
Till, bound in fancy's magic spell,
Sir Everard fainted there!



Without my first, I’d have you know
My beard a frightful length would grow;
Discordant noises from my next
Might make you feel annoyed and vexed;
My whole’s the best”you need not doubt it,
For he’s a rogue who is without, it.

Cypher Ans. 8, 15, 14, 5, 19, 20, 25.


4. Concealed Geography

Here is an opportunity for the concealed geography class to display cleverness in discovering the locality of the scene depicted in the sketch.


False keys were heard at Sing Sing.


Of my first, very often, in triumph you boast;
My next, when beloved, is sometimes your toast,
As gaily the glass passes round.
In my whole the fair ladies do always delight,
And with youth, rand and fashion, both morning and night,
I may always be found.

Cypher Ans. 6, 5, 1, 20, 8, 5, 18.



A source of joy my first may be,
Or of acutest agony;
With my second it Is said
The innocent are oft betrayed;
My whole when exquisitely sweet
With sparkling beauties is replete.

Ans. 19, 15, 14, 14, 5, 20.



Within my first is often placed,
What from my next is taken;
And both are usefully employed,
To cook your beef and bacon!
My whole you'll find”no matter when,
The first production of your pen.

Ans. 16, 15, 20, 8, 15, 15, 11.



Why is an oyster an anomaly? Because he grows a beard without a chin, and you take him out of his bed to tuck him in.

Tell us the difference between a good and a bad oyster? One is a native the other is most certainly a settler!

I called to my second, requesting him to clean my first, before which it was necessary that he should bring my whole. Boot-jack,

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