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Puzzles Starting with P

Title     Page
A Parlor Trick.     80
Passing the Japanese Mines.     34
The Pasture Field     47
The Patch Quilt Puzzle     9
The Patch Quilt Puzzle     39
The Patrolman's Puzzle     54
Pensioner's Puzzle     51
Peterchen's Pretzel     37
The Philanthropist     129
Picket Posts     105
Pictorial Algebra.     59
A Pictorial Charade     36
Picture Puzzle     56
The Pig Sty     37
Plato's Cubes     161
The Players Who All Won     28
The Plumber's Problem     83
Poetical Decapitations.     100
A Poetical Perplexity.     77
The Pony Cart Problem     124
The Pony Puzzle     17
The Potato Race     81
Pounds, Shillings and Pence Mixed With Dollars and Sense.     89
Primative Railroading     89
A Problem in Diamonds and Rubies     148
Problem of the Bridges     155
Problems of History     99
Professor Blumgarten     127
Put Eleven Men in Ten Beds.     95
Puzzle of Biddy's Age     57
Puzzle of Casey's Cow     10
Puzzle of Little Bo-Peep     54
Puzzle of Rip Van Winkle     55
Puzzle of the Dewey Pillow     109
Puzzle of the Iceman     8
Puzzle of the Twins     52
Puzzleland Park     61
Puzzleland Patch Quilt     35
Puzzles from a Hardware Shop     12
A Puzzling Mixture     74
Puzzling Scales     20
Pythagoras Classical Problem     101