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The Cyclopedia of Puzzles presents to that legion of people, young and old, who delight in puzzle-solving, a comprehensive collection of puzzles garnered during many years of pleasant labor in the fields of Puzzledom. All the best of modern puzzle creations, as well as those of ancient origin, together with their solutions, are gathered in the Cyclopedia.

Almost every page may be regarded as a little family puzzle department in itself, containing as it does a variety of puzzles, simple and difficult, mathematical and otherwise. A lover of puzzles browsing through the pages, whether he be the veteran solver or the youngster who is just beginning to agitate his grey matter with riddles and word puzzles, will find abundance to feed upon.

Puzzling is a pastime of very ancient growth, rich in historical associations, and embracing much that is romantic, as well as scientific. The Cyclopedia abounds in those classical tidbits which, collectively, give us as true a history of the art and literature of puzzledom as may be written.

I have always treated and considered puzzles from an educational standpoint, for the reason that they constitute a species of mental gymnastics which sharpen the wits and train the mind to reason along straight lines. As a school for cleverness and ingenuity designed to make of study a recreation, and as an aid to both scholar and teacher, I dedicate this's work to the school children of America.

Sam Loyd.

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