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The Cyclopedia of Puzzles contains over 5,000 puzzles, tricks, conundrums, riddles, etc., of which about 1,000 are illustrated.

Solutions to the puzzles are printed in the last pages — from page 340 to page 384 in consecutive order. To find the solution of a puzzle turn to the solution pages, and note at the top the numbers of the puzzle pages to which they apply. It will then be a simple matter to locate the sought-after solution. For example: The first solution page, 340, as noted at its top, contains answers to puzzles appearing on pages 7, 8. 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14. Many of the charades and word puzzles throughout the book are accompanied by their solutions expressed in simple numerical cipher; that is, the letter of the alphabet are represented by numbers in corresponding order. For instance, the word "CYCLOPEDIA" would be expressed by 3, 25, 3, 12, 15, 16, 5, 4, 9, 1.

Such puzzles as are accompanied by their answers are not duplicated in the solution pages.


A number of puzzles in the book have been selected as “Prize Puzzles,” so of course their solutions are withheld.

A prize of one hundred ($100) dollars will be awarded to the person who sends in the best set of correct answers to those “Prize Puzzles” before the first of January, 1915.

A feature of the contest lies in the fact that each solver must in the first place discover the “Prize Puzzles,” which can be identified through the absence of their solutions, so do not write and ask which they are. That is for you to find out.

As the reader proceeds through the book he should make notes of such puzzles as he discovers have no given solutions. If complete, that will be the list of “Prize Puzzles.”

There are no conditions attached to this prize offer other than that a contestant's solutions must be sent collectively—the answers to the complete set of “Prize Puzzles” forwarded in one envelope, and posted not earlier than December 1, 1915, and not later than January 1, 1915, addressed to SAM LOYD, New York Press Club, New York City.

If you do not succeed in securing answers to all of the “Prize Puzzles,” nevertheless be sure to send in your best efforts, for a number of complimentary prizes will be awarded among those who rank highest in the contest.

The first prize of $100 will go to the author of the best received. Best means best from every possible standpoint, correctness, method of expression, etc.

Mr. Loyd will personally superintend examination of all answers.

To be eligible to enter this contest it is not necessary to own outright a copy of the Cyclopedia of Puzzles. Several members of a family may send in their individual papers while working from the same volume.

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