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Puzzles Starting with M

Title     Page
The Man with the Hoe     103
A Marking Puzzle     120
Match Trick     192
A Merry Christmas     43
A Message in a Bottle.     33
Military Tactics     21
Milkman's Puzzle     52
The Milkman's Retort     135
The Missing Number     94
Missing Numbers Puzzle     88
Missing Words.     121
Missing-Word Puzzle.     124
Mixed Teas     141
The Monad Puzzle     26
The Monastary Window     163
The Monkey's Puzzle     24
The Moon Problem     144
The Moon Problem     145
More Trouble     176
Mother's Jam Puzzle     62
The Moving Day Puzzle     82
Mrs. Pythagoras' Puzzle     66
Multiplication and Addition     78
Mysterious Communication     92
The Mystery of the Boarding House Pie     18