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Here is the original story of the Seignor and the monkey house as told by an eye witness. You see, the organ had seen its best days and was sadly out of tune, but the Seignor's staying powers were inexhaustible and nothing short of a contribution from each of the tenants would bribe him to cease the eternal grind and move to other quarters.

Now that his audience is ready to capitulate, can yon show Jocko the shortest possible route to clamber from window to window with his little tin cup to collect his dues, resting at last on his master's shoulder? The windows are numbered to facilitate a description of the monkey's route.

The monkey went from 10, 11, 12, 8, 4, 3, 7, 6, 2, 1, 5 and 9, as that route travels the wide spaces but twice.

2. Can't Be Done.

You can't stand for five minutes without moving, if you are blindfolded.

You can't stand at the side of a room with both your feet lengthwise touching the wainscoting [panelling on lower part of wall ” jws].

You can't get out of a chair without bending your body forward, or putting your feet under it; that is, if you are sitting squarely on the chair, and not on the edge of it.

You can't break a match if the match is laid across the nail of the middle finger of either hand, and passed under the first and third fingers of that hand, despite its seeming so easy at first sight.

You can't stand with your heels against the wall and pick up something from the floor.

Don't try to rub your ear with your elbow, for it will be a failure. It takes a clever person to stand up when placed two feet from a wall with his hands behind his back and his head against the wall.

3. A Rebus

I dwell where mighty billows roar,
Though sometimes cast upon the shore;
Beheaded, then, alas I you'll find
A name terrific to the mind;
Behead once more, if 'tis your pleasure,
And I become a simple measure.

Cipher Answer.”19, 8, 5, 12, 12.


4. Rebus Arithmetic


Here is an elementary study in arithmetic wherein you write down the names of all the articles, and then cancel out all the ” articles so as to tell what remains. If you guess the names correctly it becomes a very simple puzzle.

The rebus arithmetic reads: Cow + heel + woman - wheel - cow - man, which would leave the letter O.

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