Miscellaneous Puzzles

Sequencing Puzzles

These puzzles all involve permuting colored balls among themselves.

There is actually a bit of a legend behind the Tower of Hanoi puzzle.  It goes like this:

In the temple of Benares, where the center of the world lay, there was a brass plate on which stood three diamond needles. While creating the world, God placed 64 gold disks, from large to small, on one of these needles. This is the tower of Brahma.  The priests, in accordance with the laws of Brahma, remove one disk at a time to one of the other needles. The disk on top of which the priest places his can never be smaller than the on going on top of it.  In addition, only one disk at a time can be moved. Once the tower has been transferred from one needle to another, everything will turn to dust and the world come to an end with a big bang.
With 64 disks this takes 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 moves, so you still have a little time left to say your prayers.

Columbus Egg Rubik's Clock The Brain Tower of Hanoi
Unlike the Benares version this one only takes 255 moves to solve.