Cubic Puzzles

Platonic Solids

What are platonic solids?  I am glad you asked. A platonic solid is one where each face is the same and consists of a convex regular polygon (quite a mouth full, but this just means a 2-dimensional figure where all the sides are straight lines, the same length, and meet at the same angle).  The platonic solids are of course named after the great Greek philosopher Plato, who discovered them.  There are exactly five platonic solids and there are one (or more) puzzles based on each one, but unfortunately, Wendell, in his infinite wisdom, did not think to get a puzzle shaped like an icosahedron, so you will have to settle for a diagram (life is full of disappointments).

Pyraminx Rubik's Cube Octahedron Puzzle Megaminx ???
(Tetrahedron) (Hexahedron) (Octahedron) (Dodecahedron) (Icosahedron)