Magic Tricks

The Gillotine
This is a very amusing device.  To use it, one places a disposable item such as a cigarette in the small bottom hole, and a more precious item (such as your finger) in the larger top hole.  The plunger is then smashed down with great fan-fare.  The finger is spared, but the cigarette is dissected.

A dear friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) thought he understood the mechanism behind the device and tried the trick himself.  He is now known as Nubby.
Marked Card Decks
For the ethically challenged.
With the Flip-Flop you get two diversions in one:
  • Place a coin on one of the tiles and after folding down and back up the coin is gone (doesn't your money disappear fast enough already?). 
  • If the Flip-Flop is held up on one end, the tiles cascade down in a way that seems to defy physics.