Folding Cubes

While the Smart Cube looks very different from the Wonderful cube, it is mechanically identical.  It is just that the individual components of the Smart Cube are block shaped, while the Wonderful Cube components are more star shaped.

Wonderful Cube/Twin Comet
Doesn't look much like a cube, does it?  In any case the Wonderful Cube allows you to fold it into a cube (two actually, the manufacturer generously included an extra) or a star (actually a stellated octahedron, but you knew that already) or a number of other interesting shapes.
Smart Cube
This is a device Wendell surreptitiously swipped from his grandson while he wasn't looking (that Wendell is a devious chap).  In any case it was included in something called a "happy meal" (there is nothing the world needs more than happy food).  Each face of the cube contains interesting facts from the World Almanac (hence the name Smart Cube).