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HERE is a pretty trick with matches, which will amuse the young folks who may not be familiar with the principle involved. Harry has given his sister ten matches, which he challenges her to arrange so that they will look like ten; she in turn has given him a poser in the shape of six matches, which he is to make look like nothing at all. See if you can guess these two simple tricks.

In that match trick the nine matches are laid in the form of letters so as to spell TEN, while Harry is expected to spell NIX.


My second is a useful appendage to my first, and my whole is to abridge.

Cypher Ans. 3, 21, 18, 20. 1, 9, 12.



What is the difference between a mother and a barber? The latter has razors to shave, and the former has shavers to raise.

Why is a politician like a grand piano? Because he is neither square nor upright.

What was the first bet ever made? The alphabet.

Why does it demoralize one to sit in a free seat at church? Because you get good for nothing (good-for nothing).

What is the lightest of all garments? A shift of wind.

What is the difference between an organist and his influenza? One knows his stops, and the other stops his nose.


54. They have nice sweet potatoes at Parker’s.

55. She looked very trim in India rubber boots.

56. The Major, seizing a can of kerosene, gallantly dashed forward. (Country.)

57. Some men would lag at heaven’s gate.

58. December lingering chills the lap of May.

59. Do you keep your clothes in the attic or in the cellar?

60. He ran down the street with the mob at his heels.

61. If you would make your lawns symmetrical, cut tall trees off, and leave the short ones.

62. He rode a camel bare-back through the city, to the consternation of the people. (An island.)

63. In Milan singers of note love to congregate.

64. The animal taken was all cut and bruised. (An island.)

65. A Tartar rag on a Russian flag is the Cossack signal of revolt.

66. An ape ruined my rose-bush. (Country.)

67. Was it a lynx, are you sure of it? (Country.)

68. I never sail lest I should upset.

60. Ten to one I dare do it. (Lake.)

54. Venice; 55. Remina; 56. Senegal; 58. Berlin; 59, Corinth; 60. Bath; 61. Calcutta; 62. Elba; 63. Lansing; 64. Malta; 65. Tarragona; 66. Peru; 67. Italy; 68. Versailles; 69. Oneida.


Spell one word with the letters: “O, Stranger, I pine.” (Peregrinations.)


My first is found on a ship; my second is an exclamation; my third is a title, and my whole is an animal.

Cypher Ans. 13, 1, 19, 20. 15, 4, 15, 14.



Why is a bald head like heaven? Because it is a bright and shining spot where there’s no parting.

When is a man thinner than a lath? When he’s a shaving

If a man saw his sister fall into a well, why could he not rescue her? Because he could not be a brother and assist her too.

Why do knapsacks resemble handcuffs? Because both are made for tourists (two wrists).

When is a wall like a fish? When it is scaled.

When is a blow from a lady welcome? When she strikes you agreeably.

Why does an onion resemble a ringing bell? Because peel follows peel in an onion, and peal follows peal in a ringing bell.

Why is a sheet of postage stamps like distant relatives? Because they are but slightly connected.

How do young ladies show their dislike to moustaches? By setting their faces against them.

Why are religious communities like bees? Because they are in-sects.

Why is a widower like a house in a state of dilapidation? Because he wants re-pairing.

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