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Fritz, the calculating barber, claims to have given a first-class shave and hair cut in the record time of fifteen minutes. The International Association, however, refuses to accept the same as an official record because the kodak view, as shown does not give the position of the hands on the clock. Both Fritz and his patron maintain that they noticed that at the end of the feat, the minute hand was just as far ahead of the hour hand as it was behind it when he commenced! Cannot some of our clever schoolchildren come to the rescue and show just where the hour and minute hands must have been when the job was completed?

In Fritz the Barber's problem there are eleven positions where the minute hand will take just fifteen minutes to get as far ahead of the hour hand as it was previously behind it, but as there would be but one position which conforms to the position of the second hand as shown in the picture, and where the hands cannot be seen, so the only answer would be that he began at 10:47 and 2 and 8-11 seconds, and ended at 11:02 and 2 and 8-11 seconds.


My first is found in the ocean wave,

     As well in the pit and the mine;

My second below the surface we have

     Where never the sun can shine.

My whole the festal hoard to grace

     But seldom fails to find a place.

Cypher Ans. 19, 1, 12, 20, 3, 5, 12, 12, 1, 18.



When is a baby like a breakfast cup? When it’s a tea thing (teething).

Why does a baby boy always receive a hearty welcome in a family? Because it never comes a-miss.

What kind of medicine does an Irishman take for a scolding wife? Me takes an elixir (he takes and he licks her).

When is a sailor like a corpse? When he is in the shrouds.

When is a sick man a contradiction? When he is an impatient patient.

What does an artist like to draw best? His salary.

Why does a man think of his mother’s slippers when he handles the lines behind a fine, well-matched pair of horses? Because they are such a spanking pair.

Why is a committee of inquiry like a cannon? Lt makes a report.


My first's an ugly insect,

     My next an ugly brute;

My whole an ugly phantom

     Which naught can please or suit.

Cypher Ans. 2, 21, 7, 2, 5, 1, 18.



What is more wonderful than a horse that can count? A spelling bee.

Why are tallest people the laziest? Because they are always longer in bed than others.

How can hunters find their game in the woods? By listening to the bark of the trees.


Here is a study in concealed geography which illustrates an incident in the early career of Russel Sage, when he seized the opportunity of working his way eastward by leading a mule along the tow path. It is said that it suddenly dawned upon him that it was a case of a donkey leading a donkey, for if he had to walk he might as well do it without leading another donkey, so he struck out for himself at a certain point, which will he found in his description of the sketch.


The weary traveler started from Erie.

7. Concealed Geography.

85. That little brat is bonneted with a stocking.

86. A surveyor, looking at the debris, told me the wreck was fearful.

87. Sacred music owes much of its success to the opera.

88. Let no woman or man dye their hair. (Province,)

80. Several banian trees were required to shelter the Fakir of Ava. (Country.)

90. lt is said that Nepos tended bar at Rome.

91. One lie generally necessitates many.

92. Men are ruined through entertainments of too great magnificence.

93. If you want an answer from a daw. Ask a question. Caw. Caw, caw.

94. You must hang in the hall a brad or tack to put hats on. (Country)

95. A mad dog ran a dangerous race with a policeman.

96. The ill-fated Io was changed, by Juno’s jealousy, to a heifer. (State.)

97. Let me use my own means. (River.)

98. France has been our ally on several occasions.

99. Man is a creature of a day.

100. Prance is treacherous, but Prussia may perhaps he trusted (Country.)

101 Never is error long triumphant. (River.)

85. Rathisbon. 86. Briston. 87. Cowes, 88. Normandy, 89. Albania. 90. Ostend, 91. Liege, 92. Ghent, 93. Madawaska, 94. Labrador, 95. Grenada, 96. Iowa, 97. Meuse, 98. Lyons, 99. Acre, 100. Siam, 101. Iser.


Spell one word with the letters: Great helps.


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