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PROPOSITION—Show how Cholly Slowpop slipped a cog.

AS SHOWING THE practical value of conundrums and that class of wit-sharpeners, I wish to tell how Cholly Slowpop missed his opportunity and got himself disliked. He was enjoying a tandem ride with a charming young lady the other day, and, getting caught in that terrific storm, they were compelled to seek the shelter of a tree.

Just to keep the conversation from lagging, the young lady asked Cholly why it is that stolen kisses are considered the sweetest.

Cholly, who is a collegian, said that he supposed it was due to the natural perversity of human nature, and not to any extra sweetness in the mere performance of the oscillatory process, and proceeded to quote “Professor Huxley on the inherent desires for things which are supposed to be unattainable,” which did not interest the young lady, who changed the conversation by asking why they were both like a tempting piece of fruit she discovered on the tree. Cholly thought is was a quince, and moralized upon it from that standpoint. Then she asked him if he could tell what kind of animals fell from the clouds, and he said that frogs were supposed to come down that way. Then the young lady said they might as well ride home in the rain, which they did, in silence.

Believing that there were better answers to the last two conundrums, clever readers to tell Cholly Slowpop what he should have replied.

Every one of our young lady correspondents voted Cholly Slowpop a mutton head for his explanation of the sweetness of stolen kisses, and the stupid answers to those easy conundrums. Of course he should have replied that they were like that tempting fruit because they were such a “nice pair.” If, when she had asked him what kind of animals fell from the clouds, he had replied “reindeer,” the atmosphere would have been less chilly during the ride home.


Those who have met me do not wish for me;
Those who have met me do not wish to lose me;
Those who gain me have me no longer?



If you meet, a pig in tears, what animal’s name might you mention to it? Pork you pine!


To give our class in concealed geography a very simple lesson we will take a look at the following peaceful scene. We do not find a hidden city in the description of this picture, nevertheless our clever puzzlists who are up in geography can locate the scene properly.


That drifting scene hides the name Arno.

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