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PROPOSITION”Give the best explanation about the relationship to that mysterious nephew.

HERE IS AN ODD little puzzle in relationships which will amuse the young folks. You see. Uncle Reuben came to town to see his sister Mary Ann, and was doing the sights when they came to that imposing looking hotel shown in the sketch, when Reuben says to his sister; "Before we go any farther I should like to stop in here a minute and inquire about a sick nephew of mine who stays there.”

“Well.” says Mary Ann, “as I don't happen to have any sick nephew to worry about, I will just trot on home and we will continue our sight seeing this afternoon.”

Who can give the best explanation about the relationship to that mysterious nephew?

Mary Ann was mother to the sick boy!


My first is the name to an article given,
For ladies and dandies to put on their linen;
It comes from the forest, I’ve heard people say,
And is made from the skin of an animal gray.
My second is a fruit which we all love to cat,
It grows on the farm, delicious and sweet.
My whole is the same, and often is seen
In the gardens and fields covered with green.
lt is very sweet and pleasant to eat,
In the hot summer it makes a rich treat.

Cipher Ans. 13, 21, 19, 11, 13. 5, 12, 15, 14.



The troop arranged for battle,

     Without my first would fly,

And whether good or bad,

     Without it you would die.

Go seek the earth and ocean,

     For smallest things you guess;

Yes, bring the storm from the air.

     And still my second’s less.

The traitor, when condemned to die,

     May calm his cares and pray;

Yet when the axe sounds “dust to dust,”

     My whole he’s borne away.

Cipher Ans. 8, 5, 1, 4, 12, 5, 19, 19.



What man had no father? Joshua, the son of Nun.

When is a young man of the greatest use at supper table? When he's a spoon.

Why does a miller wear a white hat? To keep his head warm.

Part of a foot with judgment transpose,
And the answer you'll find just under your nose.

Why is avarice like a bad memory? Because it is always for getting.

Why is it vulgar to play and sing by yourself? Because it is so-lo (so low).

What is that which touches one but unites two? A wedding ring.

Why is it better to be burnt than to have your head cut off? Because a hot steak is better than a cold chop.

Why do girls kiss each other, and men not? Because girls have nothing better to kiss, and men have.

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