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PROPOSITION—Solve three conundrums connected with this picture.

AS RIDDLES AND conundrums are healthy exercise for the gray matter in the brain, we will ask our young puzzlists to guess this pack of seasonable conundrums which were fired off during a celebration of Independence day. It appears that Harry who was taking a walk with his father, asked why that boy had the letter Y on his flag, and the boy who heard this remark asked another boy why that high-stepping kid was a soldier of metal.

Then the father, who knew all of the boys, asked them why the Fourth of July was like an oyster stew; so we now ask you to answer all three questions.

That high stepping kid was a soldier of metal because he was led! The Y was on the flag because it is the 4th [letter] of July! The 4th of July is like an oyster stew because it don't amount to much without crackers.

2. A Charade

My first will deny the most trifling demand,
My next is what sadly disgraces the land;
My whole, be his station exalted or mean,
Does not to distinction in science attain.

Cipher Ans. 14, 15, 22, 9, 3, 5.


3. A Rebus

When the wintry tempests roar,
Hoarsely round the cottar's door,
My cheerful whole its comfort lends,
And for his labor makes amends;
Curtail, and you perhaps may see
That good or ill proceeds from me;
Fountain of virtue or of strife,
I cheer or sadden mortal life!
The extreme letters sweep away,
And I'll receive whatever you say.

Cipher Ans. 8, 5, 1, 18. 20, 8.



What is the difference between a postage stamp and a lady? One is a mail fee, and the other a fe-male.

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