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HERE is a very pretty trick performed by Miss Carrè Schwitzer, which rivals Betsy Ross' feat of producing a five pointed star with one clip of the scissors. When Admiral Schwitzer asked his daughter to suggest an ensign for the Swiss navy, Carrè seized an odd shaped remnant of red wall paper and skillfully divided it in two pieces which would fit together so as to form the Swiss flag with the white cross, as shown in her left hand. When she was told of Betty Ross' feat she said she could go her one better. She took a Swiss flag, as here shown, and cut it in two pieces which would fit together and form a perfect square.


Of course if you can make a Swiss flag from a square, it is just as easy to reverse the operation—cut a square in two pieces which will form the flag. Carrè performed other feats with the Swiss flag which we will take occasion to mention. When she had charge of the signal station on Mt. Pilatus and wished to signal the fleet that a storm was rolling down the mountain, she took a square piece of bunting and cut it into two pieces which would fit together and form the following flag.


In the Swiss language this tells of an approaching storm. Literally translated it say's: "There will be a hot time in the old town to-night" Just to see how clever Miss Schwitzer was, try to cut the signal flag in two pieces which will form a perfect square.

Miss Schwitzer always acted on the square and was much respected on that account. She taught her Sunday School class how to cut three little squares into the fewest possible number of pieces so as to form one big square, and also the way to cut the three squares so as to form a Swiss cross, more recently known as the Greek cross. Try both of these puzzles.


William Tell asked her how to make a Maltese cross and she replied "pull its tail." She founded the order of the red cross.


There are two very beautiful puzzles connected with this cross, which are worth knowing: Cut the cross in two pieces which will form a rectangle, or cut it in three pieces which will make a perfect square.

We shall take early occasion to mention some of the marvelous feats performed by Carrè Schwitzer in cutting Swiss cheeses, and juggling with pans of milk at her Swiss milk factory, near the chalk hills of Luzerne.

The Swiss flag was constructed as follows:


The signal flag makes a square as shown:


Here is the way to convert the flag into a square:


Three squares can be cut into five pieces to make one square; by following the rule given later in the carpentry problems for changing oblongs into squares. It is interesting because all the puzzle books give an impossible answer in seven pieces.


The change of a cross into an oblong is explained in the 1903 Easter puzzle. The cross can be cut on any two of the transverse lines, as shown;


2. A Charade

If you a journey ever take,

     No mattter when or where.

My first would surely have to pay

     Before you can get there.

My second you would scarcely see

     If London through you go;

But still 'tis what I hope you are:

     Few better things I know.

I say my whole with secret pain.

     Though hoping soon to meet again

Cipher Answer.— 6, 1, 18, 5, 23, 5, 12, 12.


3. A Rebus

To warn you of danger before you we stand,
Which we're sanctioned to do by the heads of the land.
Our counsel unasked we most gladly impart.
Some virtuous impression to make on your heart.
But if you trespass, as you surely will find,
A punishment justly for sinners designed.

Cipher Answer.—16, 18, 9, 5, 19, 20, 19.


4. A Riddle

A hundred and fifty, when joined to a tree.
Makes a fine garment that warms you and me.

Cipher Answer.—3, 12, 15, 1, 11.


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