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PROPOSITION—Solve these chair conundrums.

HERE IS A BRIGHT bit of humor which evolves a brace of conundrums well worth the guessing. Dolly invites the milkman to be seated and asks him why the wrecked chair is like his bill? He solves the conundrum and retaliates by asking, “What is the difference between the chair and one of his cows? ” Then she asks him: “Why the chair is like this dress?” All of which goes to show the way that love begins between clever people.

The milkman’s retort tells us that the chair, like his bill, should be re-seated. His cow gives milk but the chair “gives way.” The chair, like the dress, should be sat in.


When is a butcher a thorough thief? When he steals a knife and cuts away with it.

Why is a pleasure trip to Egypt fit only for very old gentlemen? Because it's a see-Nile thing to do.

3. A Charade

My first is one, or many men;

     My second comes apace;

My whole's a pledge to be redeemed

     Within a certain space.

Cipher Ans. 8, 15, 19, 20, 1, 7, 5.



In what respects were the governments of Algiers and Malta as different as light is to darkness? One was governed by deys (days), the other by Knights (nights).

What instrument of war does the earth resemble? A revolver.

What is the most warlike nation? Vacci-nation, because it is always in arms.

Why is a retired carpenter like a lecturer? Because he is an ex-planer.

Why is a bad picture like weak tea? Because it is not well drawn.

What did Adam first set in the garden of Eden? His foot.

Why is a new-born babe like a donkey's tail? Because it was never seen before.

What is the difference between a sweep and a poor man in a new suit of mourning? One is blacked with soot, the other suited with black.

When is a soldier not half a soldier? When he's in quarters.

5. A Rebus

I hope you have two of my first;

     My next we will term an extreme;

My whole pertains to ancient tales,

     Wild, and romantic as a dream.

Cipher Ans. 12, 5, 7, 5, 14, 4.



Students of geography are asked to discover the scene of this nightmare concealed in the description of the picture.


The bad boy dreamed of Lewiston,

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