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Question Mark

During Wendell's extensive travels to various exotic locals through out the world, he has managed to assemble this eclectic collection of mind-twisting problems.

As a word of encouragement, all of these problems were solved by Wendell, and the solutions provided were created by him. While Wendell is a sort of bright chap, his problem solving ability is quite ordinary. You are likely, in fact, to come up with a better solution. If so, please enlighten Wendell with your brilliance.

A note about browsers. Some of these puzzles rely on a bit of mathematical notation (sorry). If your browser does not natively support MathML (e.g. Internet Explorer), you will experience much better browser performance on problems that use mathematical notation if you install the MathPlayer plug in. You may obtain it here: MathPlayer Plugin.

Here are your choices:


Electric Circuits

An Electric Network


Frictionless Sphere

The Interlock


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